Aiiiii Gallery

Aiiiii Gallery has been established in 2021 in Shanghai, China. The gallery integrates artistic research and industrial manufacturing; more specifically, Aiiiii gallery is committed to the crossover between Artificial Intelligence and art, and actively incubates and represents algorithm-based artists coming from both China and abroad.

The art offered by the gallery includes sculptures, paintings, installations, video art, etc., with a particular focus on AI art and the industrialization process of AI-generated public sculptures. The organizational structure of Aiiiii Gallery combines the academic and industrial worlds. Academically, Aiiiii cooperates with universities and research centers to foster its own Artificial Intelligence laboratory, promotes cooperation and cultural exchange between scientists and artists, and regularly holds international AI art exhibitions and forums. The research results are regularly published as technical reports, catalogues, papers, or books.

In terms of business, the gallery is actively involved in the domestic and in the international art markets, with the main aim of promoting the many aspects and tendencies according to which AI art has developed so far. In particular, a specific focus of the gallery is the creation and the manufacturing of AI artworks suitable for being exhibited in large public spaces.


Artist & Exhibition:

Location: No.800, Chun Xi Road, Min Hang District, Shanghai