Exhibition Intro

The exhibition will discuss the relationship between humans and AI, exhibiting the change in the means of artistic production and distribution under the interaction of artists and AI, and eventually demonstrating the concept of decentralisation as emphasised in the Manifesto. 

At the same time, the exhibition will demonstrate artists’ thinkings on AI ethics and environmental diversity. Beyond the exhibition space, there will be workshop space for the audience to experience human-AI interaction, and for holding talks; the exhibition will also be extended in the form of pop-up events and workshops.

Book of Sand -Jorge Luis Borges

Lines consist of an infinite number of points; planes an infinite number of lines; volumes an infinite number of planes, hypervolumes an infinite number of volumes... No, this, this more geometrico, is definitely not the best way to begin my tale. Affirming a fantastic tale’s truth is now a story-telling convention; mine, though, is true.